Daycare Program

A music exploration program for daycares with Karen.

This class will compliment and reinforce what you are doing in your school in many ways. Music has the ability to enhance a child’s language, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development, as well as a child’s natural disposition to learn.

How can this program benefit your daycare?

Commitment towards an enriched music program

In adopting the
program, you will demonstrate your commitment to providing your children and their parents with an innovative up-to-date researched based -but more importantly- fun curriculum.

Improve classroom teacher confidence

Regardless of your teacher’s musical abilities, they will gain confidence and become music-makers as they include more music in their daily classroom routine.

Build community and connection

As parents, teachers, and children all learn the same songs, a great sense of connection is built throughout the entire daycare community. Everyone will expand their musical knowledge and repertoire with 50 new songs a year.

Support children’s development

The curriculum supports children’s development in other domains essential to their growth like: language, pre-literacy skills, social and emotional development, and physical development.

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Sing-alongs :

The opportunity to explore melody, harmony, self-expression, and creative expression

Finger play :

Work on motor skills and memory

Percussive and pitched instruments :

Explore the world of rhythm.

Improvisation and song composition

Small and large movements activities


In order to make this program affordable to all families of all income, our rates are approximate and are based on the number of participating children and are divided equally amongst the families. The more the merrier. Groups may range from 10 – 30 students, please note that the teachers must stay with their group during the class.

Group of 10 kids

$20/month from Sept-June

Group of 20 kids

$15/month Sept-June

Group of 30 kids

$12.50/month Sept-June

*There must be a min. of 10 kids enrolled and a max of 30.


Karen is very good with children and knows how to keep them engaged. Her gentle spirit, her lighthearted approach, and strong knowledge of music make the perfect combination to get all children’s participation and appreciation.

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