About Karen

Education combined with passion.


Karen’s mission is to spread the joy of community music making to everybody. Why should one remain a spectator when they can actively participate in the music? She believes that everyone has an inner musician ready to engage and delight those who surround them. Regardless of one’s age and ability, music and music making is not simply for those who have chosen to pursue it. The opportunity to experience an activity for self-expression and creativity is one that she would love to share with everyone she meets. Contact us to discover what music making activities await you!

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Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts in Musicology

Beginning with the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) in piano Karen holds a Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts in Musicology. As an accomplished jazz pianist Karen is as much a performer as a teacher, an essential tool for music group activities. Let’s not forget the ukulele…


Graduate Certificate in
Music Therapy

Conducting music therapy programs for individuals with special needs, she creates a fun, relaxed, and social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child or adult’s development musical and otherwise.

Music Together

Music initiation classes

Needing to satisfy her thirst for good educational music material for children, Karen brings her experience teaching in different settings with children in a fun and relaxed setting and is licensed to teach this program in daycares.

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What others are saying about Karen

Our group eagerly awaits her weekly visits and these music sessions. Karen has had a very dynamic and positive impact upon our program. Our people just adore her presence and kind manner. […] She is always cheerful and respectful, and has been able to engage a wide range of folks, (even one deaf-mute person, who we think responds primarily to the vibrations), with great enthusiasm into exploring the world of music and song. Many of our clientele have limited social skills and contact, but Karen seems completely at ease in this “different” setting. I find her a very bright, capable young person with great maturity and wisdom “beyond her years”. […] She has lots of energy, flexibility, and is an extremely positive individual. ”

T S (Centre de Réadaptation de l’Ouest de Montréal)